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 [insert class here] Apprentice Quest

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PostSubject: [insert class here] Apprentice Quest   Mon Dec 17, 2007 8:43 pm


I cant script an npc without knowing how your server script works etc. I wouldent want to script anything that dosent fit in right.

Quest Idea

Ok when you double click this npc called "The Old Master" which can be anywhere you want, personally i'd like TC location.

He will tell you how you have almost completed your training but you require to gather something for him first.

Depending on your class he will tell you about these demons that invade his dreams and ask you to help by magicly jumping into his dreams and defeating the evil nightmares.

If your a tao you'll get a partly magic def strong demon

for trojan you get kinda high physical def

and these demons wont move or hit they will have fairly high HP ofcourse.

and then once you defeat the demon you will get a seal which means you clensed your master's dreams.

Then you give your master the seal and he says something along the lines of "Well done my pupil for your reward you will be given something to help you in the long run"

Depending on your server it can be level 130 or equips etc. + stones dbs I dunno.. depends on what you like.

That was just a thought, If you like it go on an use it , It dosent seem that hard to script, just basicly talking scripts, responces, teleport, custom mob that drops custom item, on a unused map or something, Then another teleport script, and talking bla bla bla, reward script based on whatever you want.

The reson the demons wont attack etc. is so you dont have to worry about the people dying in there and being spawned in an unused map without npcs >.<.
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[insert class here] Apprentice Quest
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