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 New Staff!

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PostSubject: New Staff!   Sat Jan 05, 2008 10:35 am

Wanna become a staff member? You`re welcome, just see if you feel to be good in things listed, and want positions!

1)NPC/Server Coders

Requirements :
- C# knowledge
- NPC/CoEmu coder in the past

We need 5(five) coders, PM me!


Requirements :
- Patience for people
- Helpfulness
Pluses :
- GM before

We need 4(four) GMs, PM me!


Requirements :
- Photoshop, or any other good image editing software knowledge (such as GIMP, etc.)
Pluses :
- Was webdesigner before
- Passion for flames

We need 1(one) webdesigner, PM me!


Requirements :
- Patience for people
- Ability to see what is lawful or not
Pluses :
- Moderator past

We need 3(three) moderators, PM me!


Someone, who could host our server 24/7, pm me!

Requirements :

- A 24/7 running computer, with 256 mb SDRAM at least, and 1 gHZ processor.

That would be all, if you want to become one, PM me!

*NOTE* - These are volunteer positions. Don`t except to get paid for these!

CoTrans - The Transilvanian Private Server!

Support CoTrans! Give us a server!

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PostSubject: gm   Sun Jan 06, 2008 3:31 am

heres my application for gm:

name: jurre
age: 15
why should you pick me?: because i had my own conquer online server
i was gm on zonquer online i have much patience i can help people and i am really good with a computer
and i like to help you for making a good server:D
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New Staff!
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